The history of NDG Group dates back to 2005 when it was founded in Georgia by Archil Tabatadze. Archil Tabatadze has a master’s degree in construction management. Despite all obstacles and high competition, NDG Group has been maintaining its professional image and high quality of service, as well as the philosophy that comes with it. Due to our dedication to these values, the company showed up in the Canadian Market in 2017. Today, NDG represents a fully insured General Contracting Company.
Meeting existing challenges and with the obtained professional experience, Archil made a decision to create a professional team that offers top quality customer service.
The principles NDG Group is based on are very simple, one project – one team. We are not hiring sub-contractors except Electricians, Plumbers and HVAC.
NDG Group does not want to speak in general terms or use empty expressions. We are offering you our model of work performance insuring our professional image and competition advantages.
The Company is divided into teams, with each group being represented by a minimum of two professionals. Each team is equipped with present-day tools, and have the needed professional experience, personal qualities and great commitment to their work.


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From the first days of the project’s commencement, 2-5 professionals will provide you with services (depending on the size of the project)

Sales and Project Manager

  • Negotiates with clients
  • Insures delivery of materials on a timely basis
  • Provides complete project status updates to the team
  • Actively participates in the project’s operation process
  • Negotiates with plumbers, electricians and suppliers

Project foreman-handyman

  • Controls details of project information
  • Insures project order
  • Insures the general quality of the project
  • Insures the quality of construction materials
  • Meets deadlines
  • Participates in the project
  • Provides updates to clients regarding the project’s development

Project Handyman

  • Solves technical issues with 100% accuracy

Project Assistant

  • Provides support to Project Management with solutions to any arising issues.
  • Insures cleaning of the construction object
  • Insures timely delivery of all necessary construction tools and equipment on site

This model insures completion of the project with 100 % commitment and accuracy. This project management model insures accurate and timely information exchange between project managers, project designers and executors.
The model insures control over quality, commitment to deadlines, budget, and reduction of project complications as a result of fixing existing issues. Each team member is a full time, certified and experienced professional, and these crucial components allows us to say that we insure quality meets present day standards.